Iwwer Träwelling

Träwelling is ään koschdeloser Check-In Dinscht, mit wellem du deine Freinde saan kanschd, wo du grad mit de öffendelische Verkehrmiddel unnerwegs bisch und Fahrdebuch fehre kannsch. Korz gesaa: mer kann in Ziech inchecke unn bekommt dodefihr Pungde.

Wer entwickelt Träwelling?

Träwelling is an open source project. Since 2013, various people have been developing the project. Partly only bugfixes, partly major changes. On GitHub you can view a list of contributors to the code. Additionally, a few people have assisted with the alpha version. You can find them here.

I would like to contribute to Träwelling!

Träwelling is an open source project and everyone can contribute. You can find all the information about it on our GitHub page. We are happy about every contribution - simply create a PullRequest! You can either work on your own ideas or pick a task from our Issues on GitHub. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our discord server: https://discord.gg/QypAnG2qAw

Vun wo kummt de Name?

De Name is e Anspielung uff des allseids bekannde "Senk ju for träwelling wis Deutsche Bahn", was mer eichentlich in faschd jedem Fernverkehrzuuch vun de Deutsche Bahn geheert han sollt.

What are events?

Träwelling brings people together who use the same public transport. Sometimes those people even ride to the same events, without knowing from another!

That’s why we’ve created the Events feature. Anyone can can suggest an event in a specific time frame; and once accepted, all users can connect their check-ins to that event.

If you want to create an event, please make sure that events should benefit the entire Träwelling community. Those events can be from the European railway community such as the last course of a train model, hacking events such as GPN, or from the LGBTQ scene such as Cologne Pride.

Events are something special. That’s why we decided to deny suggestions to smaller, local events such as Christmas Markets or city fairs. As always, there are exceptions to that rule.

Why don't I receive a confirmation email?

First of all, please check if the email is in the spam folder. If the email is not in the spam folder, please add 'gertrud@traewelling.de' to your contacts and request the email again. If the email still does not arrive, please contact us via our contact form.

Please note that in the past there were often problems with Microsoft addresses (e.g. Live, Outlook, Hotmail, ...). In this case, please try an e-mail with another provider first.

Warum werd do mei Zuuch ned ufgelischd?

Mir verwenne e Schniddstell vun de Deutsche Bahn, bei dere ned alle Angebode direkt debei sinn. Leider könne mir net viel dran mache, wenn dei Zuuch ned debei is.

Wie werre die Pungde berechelt?

Die Pungde setze sich aus de Produktklass un de Entfernung vun deiner Rääs zamme.

Produktklass Basispungde
Fernverkehr 10
Fernverkehr 10
D-Zuuch 6
Regional 5
S-Bahn 3
Bus 2
Fähr 3
U-Bahn 2
Tram 2
Taxi 1

Die Entfernung werd uff die nächschde 10 Kilomeder gerund un durch 10 gedeeld. Denooch werre die Basispungde zammegezählt.
En ICE-Rääs vun 143 Kilomeder bringt dir dodemit 10 + uffrunde(143/10) = 10 + 15 = 25 Pungde, fer e S-Bahn-Rääs vun 8 Kilomeder gebbts 2 + uffrunde(8/10) = 2 + 1 = 3 Pungde.
Mer wolle, dass de meeglichst dabber inchecke duscht, damit die Plattform immer e akdueller Stand vun deiner Rääs hat. Desdewege gebbts die volle Pungde nur, wenn de während de Rääs orre 20 Minudde vor de Live-Abfahrt (Plan-Abfahrt + Verspädung) incheckst. Wer 1 Stunn vor orre nooch em Rääsezeitraam incheckt, bekummt immerhi noch 1/4 vun de Pungde. Wenn de noch frieher orre späder in ä Verbinnung incheckst, bekommscht de die volle Kilomeder und Stunne gutgeschriwwe, awwer nur een Mitleidspungd.

If your connection is delayed you should make sure to check in before the real departure time, as we cannot get real-time information about the trip after the real departure time.